Bougainvillea Blooming Season Longevity


Beautiful Bougainvillea is in full bloom during the drier cooler winter months and through out the spring in South Florida. One can’t help but notice these gorgeous plants in their magnificent beauty this time of year. Bougs, as we landscapers call them affectionately is a love/hate relationship because Bougainvillea are quite thorny. This fact is quite obvious once the pruning process is undertaken which is every four to six weeks for abundant flowering. Pruning must be done to not only control the often wild growth spurts but also to increase the length of the flowering cycle. It may seem like blooms are being cut off prematurely but flowers come from the new growth which directly follows pruning. Bougs are very heavily flowering plants which in turn makes them heavy feeders. Feeding these plants monthly will produce the most flowers. Butterflies Are Free Landscaping uses a specially developed formula produced by BGI Bougainvillea Growers International located in Boyton Beach Florida. BGI supplies Bougainvillea to Home Depot stores nationwide and is a wonderful source for Bougs of over 80 different varieties of Bougainvillea. Think of Buttterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design when planting or pruning so your Bougainvillea won’t poke and feel ya’! :)