Blooming plants in South Florida in February


Winter is a great time in South Florida not only because we have the most beautiful weather in the world right now but also because our flowering plants are in their prime as well. With the exception of a bitter but brief cold snap during Christmas time our weather has been very mild this winter season as compared to last year. This allows for our flowering gems to burst with color without the constant threat of pounding rain and blustery thunderstorms we experience during the steamy summer months. What better time to be outside than in winter in SoFla?
If you’re wondering what those glorious plants (sometimes trimmed as shrubs, others pruned into topiary trees) with the large purple leaves and double the size of a softball pink-ish white blooms in full flower all over Boca Raton (my fair city) and South Florida are called today is your day. Commonly called “Starburst”. Botanically named “Cleriodendrum Quadriculare” is also commonly known as Shooting Star or Glory Bower. is the link to Antigua Horticultural Society to view more info.
Adding one of these lovelies to your garden’s repitoire of show stopping beauties is a little trip to paradise without having to leave your driveway!