What to look for in a Boca Raton Landscaper

  • Experience is first and foremost when selecting a landscaper for your project. Owner operator Shelley Crawford has 27 years in the industry hand selects only the most perfectly branched plants and trees in pre-blooming state so that when the job is finished the flower show in your newly planted landscaped will begin shortly after the job is finished. Planting is stressful on an already blooming plant. There are some companies who lack this knowledge due to lack of experience.
  • Reliability. Landscaping is an ever changing industry. New plant cultivars are being introduced every day. Butterflies Are Free uses only the highest quality plants and materials for every landscaping project. One of our biggest suppliers of nursery stock is Boynton Botanicals, the top nursery in the State of Florida which supplies Disney World, resorts and Monarch butterfly on a Florida Friendly Flowerhotels statewide. Owners Mike and Kathleen are award winners at the annual industry shows annually. When new cultivars are released to the landscaping professionals owner Shelley Crawford time tests the plants for resiliency and staying power in the landscape. When new plants come out it can be very inviting to try them out but at Butterflies Are Free we love testing the materials before we recommend them to clients.
  • Collaboration with each particular clients styles. No two landscapes are alike. Just as no two people are alike. Butterflies Are Free takes the time to sit with clients. Present options for plants and finishing materials. Some gardens are tropical. Some gardens are formal. Some are extremely informal. Some landscapes are meant to please a person with taste for northern style landscapes for homes in a tropical zone using plants that resemble northern plants but are suited for the Florida temperature zone. Not only do we take the time to assist the client in the selection process we also have a sixth sense for what clients like but don’t even know it until they see it.
  • Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We always make sure to clean up the job site after every day of work. We often clean up messes other types of contractors leave behind without even telling you. We bring up your garbage cans if you are not home and we are working at your place. We really want to give you the best possible experience while having the pleasure to work on your property.
  • Maintenance is a big consideration when planting. Plants need tender loving care. Butterflies Are Free offers maintenance service of the landscapes we install on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis if so desired. We like to say with our service you can have a wedding in your yard at a moments notice. One client of ours in Plantation actually had a couple of newlyweds knock on their door to ask the owner if they could take their wedding pictures on their front lawn!
  • Attention to detail is a core principal at Butterflies Are Free. We are committed to providing the personalized landscape designed with the clients needs in mind. Our favorite thing to hear once a job is completed is “You said it was going to be beautiful but this is beyond our expectations. We LOVE IT!”

These are just a few of our service features when selecting Butterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design as your personal yard improvement company. We plant for LIFE so go wild.

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