The Savory Gardens


Decorative and easy to grow herb combination for patio or yard attract not only attract an abundance of nature but are also delicious. Butterflies, bees and birds are naturally attracted to the fragrant herb garden with its multitude of different foliage. Herbs planted in pots placed on a patio with a collection of other colorful and fragrant flowers and herbs you will see your garden become the home of many different butterflies (and as an added bonus – bees and hummingbirds). In this garden it is best to let herbs go to flower as this an important part of the habitat.

Anyone who has ever noticed a butterfly sitting quietly on a rock basking in the sun knows the joy and perfection of nature. Herbs and butterflies share a love of the sun. Butterflies look for a source of water so a birdbath kept nearby with fresh clean water will also add to this special environment. Place a comfy chair in the shady area of the garden and sit back and watch the secret life of butterflies, bees and birds.

A wonderful Savory Garden using a combination of Dill, Fennel, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley will attract Black Swallowtail and Anise Swallowtail butterflies.

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