Why Us?

We know that selecting a landscaper for your Boca Raton, FL property is an important decision. Here is a list of services and things to know about Butterflies Are Free, Inc to help with your decision.

  • We offer environmentally friendly planting that saves water and protects Florida species.
  • We mulch and properly fertilize trees so that they grow quickly and last for generations.
  • We are skilled at hand pruning and gardening so that your plants stay full and look their best.
  • We are family owned and operated with 25+ years of experience, so we care about our reputation and your yard.
  • We aren’t into “ordinary landscaping”. That means that your yard will be unique to your personality.
  • We like small jobs, so don’t be afraid to call us for even a tiny yard or patio.
  • We create outdoor rooms, so you can truly enjoy Florida living.
  • We like colorful plantings that attract nature, so don’t be surprised when you see more birds and butterflies on your property.
  • We install arbors, Gazebos and waterfalls for a lush, unique look.
  • We install custom paths and walkways that define spaces in your yard and protect your plantings.
  • We have a palm tree doctor on hand to revive sickly palms.
  • We offer different species of plants that are unique but still Florida friendly.
  • A clean finished yard is only a phone call away.