The Five Biggest Mistakes people make in their Florida yards


When doing any project around in the home folks can make some pretty costly mistakes. Butterflies Are Free, Inc. Landscaping and Design gets many calls to fix landscaping mistakes.

For example:

  • Mistake 1: Over planting. This one of the biggest and most avoidable mistakes. We live in a temperature zone where our plants grow year round. Unlike northern climates where most plants go through a dormancy period. So what this means is Florida plants get BIG. Over planted landscapes are susceptible to diseases.
  • Mistake 2: Improper plant placement in the landscape. Trees and shrubs planted too close to the house may look nice in the beginning but can cause problems like roots undermining the foundation of the house. Some trees have very aggressive root systems and will seek out water pipes and actually break into plumbing systems causing huge problems.
  • Mistake 3: Improper preparation before the planting begins. Butterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design takes the time to prepare the areas to be planted by actually removing sand, rocks and other debris from each hole where plants are to be installed and installs rich potting mix specially designed for each plants needs in mind and fertilizes them with a nursery quality fertilizer specifically designed with each plants nutritional requirements.
  • Mistake 4: Planting too deep or too high. Correct planting height is imperative to proper plant growth. When planting any type of plant it cannot be stressed enough that the plants are positioned correctly. Butterflies Are Free has 27 years in the landscaping industry and has experience to avoid this unnecessary mistake.
  • Mistake 5: Not addressing issues with the sprinkler system before, during and after planting. Butterflies Are Free works exclusively with West Boca Irrigation, Inc. who is one of the areas top sprinkler system professionals in Palm Beach County. A lot of people will cut corners to save a few bucks but when investing in live plants water is and obvious concern to ensure successful garden growth.