Extreme Weather Patterns In South Florida


We, in South Florida, are in one of the most enjoyable times of the year to be in Florida. While all our friends in northern climates are in the depths of winter we are loving every minute of the gorgeous weather we are having. Being in the mid-fifties at night and lovely sunny days in the seventies no wonder why the traffic is so heavy.order viagra Everyone wants to be here! However, occaisonally the weather dips down below the fifty degree mark and even lower and this can be very problematic for our lovely tropical plants. When the weather man on TV says we are going near the thirty degree mark this is very concerning.

Here are some tips on how to protect your sensitive plants.

1. Run your sprinkler system in the days before the potentially freezing weather. Plants that are well watered BEFORE the freeze comes stand a better chance at making it through the colder temperatures.
2. Some nurseries run their sprinkler systems all night long throughout the night because the water temperatures are warmer than the ensuing cold weather. This is helpful but if your system shuts off your plants could be coated with water droplets which could freeze on the leaves.
3. Save those old sheets and blankets for covering your plants. NEVER USE PLASTIC. It will freeze on top of the plants.
4. Bring in very sensitive plants in pots into the garage or at least move them close to the house.
5. Call Butterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design and we will assist you in doing all of the above. Or we can show you which plants are more cold tolerant than others.

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