Want a yard full of butterflies? Read these butterfly attracting tips from the Sun Sentinal.

Beautiful Bougainvillea is in full bloom during the drier cooler winter months and through out the spring in South Florida. One can’t help but notice these gorgeous plants in their magnificent beauty this time of year. Bougs, as we landscapers call them affectionately is a love/hate relationship because Bougainvillea are quite thorny. This fact is [...]

There are many joys living in “paradise” and watching butterflies is one of those pleasures. More than a 160 species of butterflies are seen in Florida with about 80 species in Palm Beach County, and more than 20 species have been counted at the Mount Botanical Garden. No matter what size or type of garden, [...]

Attractting birds is great but sometimes can be very messy. Putting the out right bird feeder is the way to attract pretty birds and not the black grackles and doves. Grackles and doves are voracious eaters and can prevent the pretty birds like cardinals and finches from visiting your yard. Squirrels are also another garden [...]