Winter is a great time in South Florida not only because we have the most beautiful weather in the world right now but also because our flowering plants are in their prime as well. With the exception of a bitter but brief cold snap during Christmas time our weather has been very mild this winter [...]

The Savory Gardens


Decorative and easy to grow herb combination for patio or yard attract not only attract an abundance of nature but are also delicious. Butterflies, bees and birds are naturally attracted to the fragrant herb garden with its multitude of different foliage. Herbs planted in pots placed on a patio with a collection of other colorful [...]

When doing any project around in the home folks can make some pretty costly mistakes. Butterflies Are Free, Inc. Landscaping and Design gets many calls to fix landscaping mistakes. For example:


These are just a few of our service features when selecting Butterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design as your personal yard improvement company. We plant for LIFE so go wild.

We, in South Florida, are in one of the most enjoyable times of the year to be in Florida. While all our friends in northern climates are in the depths of winter we are loving every minute of the gorgeous weather we are having. Being in the mid-fifties at night and lovely sunny days in [...]