Attracting Birds Without The Mess Free Feeder Offer


Attractting birds is great but sometimes can be very messy. Putting the out right bird feeder is the way to attract pretty birds and not the black grackles and doves. Grackles and doves are voracious eaters and can prevent the pretty birds like cardinals and finches from visiting your yard. Squirrels are also another garden glutton who will deplete your desirable bird’s food source in a single day! Using the right type of feeder with the right type of food can solve all of these “backyard birding” problems. Using a squirrel proof bird feeder is the best way to deter those undesirable birds. Although, in a perfect world, everyone would get a little nibble but some how everybody seems to survive one way or another. Squirrel proof feeders are designed for smaller birds such as finches, juncos and other songbirds with a cage that surrounds the entire feeder. Using the right type of food will also cut down on the mess considerably. Use black oil sunflower seeds to attract cardinals, blue jays and in south florida the occaisional wild parrot. Using whats called a squirrel baffle also known as a dome over the top of your feeder will prevent the squirrels from doing gymnastics to get to your feeder. Although their antics are often funny the trade off just isn’t worth it if it’s just the “pretty birds” you are trying to attract. Besides the squirrels will clean up any seeds which may inadvertently be dropped by the winged beauties. Call Butterflies Are Free Landscaping and Design and get a FREE squirrel proof feeder filled with food for a limited time only!